Mission Statement -  It is our mission to offer affordable professional level training, consulting, and continuing education in the fields of modern fire science, fire protection, fire prevention, code enforcement, and emergency response. To serve as a leader in advancing professionalism in those fields by designing and delivering high quality education to prepares members of the fire service for competent practice as firefighters,  inspectors, educators, and beyond.

Vision Statement - It’s our vision; the Fire Code Academy will become one of the premier education and training organizations, using consistent quality assessment and quality improvement strategies through a structured environment with a team of qualified instructors.  


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The Fire Code Academy (FCA) provides affordable, comprehensive and practical education in the administration, application and enforcement of the Ohio Fire Code, the International Fire Code, NFPA 101, Fire Inspection Techniques, Firefighter CEUs, Fire Service Management & Leadership, OSHA required trainings, and related subjects. The FCA encompasses all major model codes and our training programs are designed for the Fire Service as well as Private Industry (safety and risk management) personnel.


We are committed to excellence by offering exceptional educational programs by providing knowledgeable and experienced instructors and providing opportunities for fire and industry professionals to advance their careers.


Our cadre of “Certified Fire Safety Inspectors” will assist your fire department or private business in conducting fire inspections or risk reduction surveys in your community or on your company property.


For interested agencies; will assist your agency in the management of your fire inspection and/or fire training programs.


For Ohio certified firefighters and fire safety inspectors; programs offered through the FCA meet and/or exceeded the continuing education requirements as set fourth in the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) Sections 4765-20-13 for Firefighters and 4765-20-16 for Fire Safety Inspectors.


The best thing about what we do: we bring the training & education to your area of the State.
We can train multiple members of your organization in your community for a fraction of the cost you would pay to send them out of town or provide multiple online memberships.




2018 Fire Code and Fire Protection Exposition


Welcome to one of the largest and most popular Fire Code and Fire Protection Conferences!


For 2018 we have embarked into a new era for innovative ideas, research, and accelerated implementation in an everchanging
environment. This conference provides the tools, education, and networking to grow and expand your personal
and professional development, so you can make a difference in your community!

With over 40 presentations, you will find no other conference like this in the region.

The 2-day Firefighter Safety & Wellness Symposium is hosted by The UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute.
FSRI's mission is to increase firefighter knowledge and awareness to help reduce injuries and deaths in the fire service.






Fire Code Academy Provides Accredited Training




Through an educational partnership with Great Oaks Public Safety Services we are able to provide "Pro Board" accredited training programs. The mission of Pro Board is to establish an internationally recognized means of acknowledging professional achievement in the fire service and related fields.


All onsite training seminars are now recognized and accepted by American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC).

The Registered Continuing Education Providers Program (RCEP) is a single comprehensive education management system for engineers, surveyors, design professionals and quality education providers. Managed by the American Council of Engineering Companies, the purpose of RCEP is to create a comprehensive registry of quality continuing education providers for engineers and related A/E/C industry professionals.





 Specialized Training for Federal & Military Firefighters



The Fire Code Academy has been selected on multiple occasions to conduct training and educational workshops for Federal and Military Firefighters with the Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA), the United States Army, and the United States Air Force (ANG).


States housing Federal and Military installations served by the Fire Code Academy include: Delaware, Maine, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia, New Jersey, South Dakota, and Montana.


September 1, 2012 - As part of a five year training agreement - The FCA was awarded a contract to conduct training and education for federal firefighters. 



"All of us at the FCA are sincerely honored to have been chosen to provide training and education to our military firefighters, those who currently protect our military, and those firefighters protecting the veterans who have proudly served our great country".  - Randall L. Hormann, President and CEO














Fire Safety Training and Education for High-Rise Building Management




High-Rise buildings need to have properly trained management personnel in charge of procedures and specific responsibilities before the fire department arrives. Management must be properly trained to assist the fire department with Information about the buildings’ fire and life safety systems and have firm accountability of all occupants.

Most Fire and Building Codes defines a High-Rise as a building with occupied floors 75 feet or higher above Fire Department access. High-rises present a specific challenge for emergency planning due to their size.

As and owner, tenant or property manager of a high-rise you are responsible for making sure all visitors, employees and tenants of the building understand fire safety and fire drill requirements. We offer many valuable resources for preparing for a high rise fire emergency.

Our emergency evacuation training presentations are designed so participants get the information they need in a format that is easy to understand and remember during an actual emergency.

We specialize in creating and reviewing emergency action plans and the specific training needed for the High-Rise Building Fire Safety Director, Floor Wardens, and Tenants.  Let us prepare you for and oversee your Code Required Evacuation Drills.





Instructor Employment Opportunities


The Fire Code Academy is currently looking to add contract adjunct faculty to our educational team. We pride ourselves on having some of the best - most qualified instructors for the subject matter being taught. 

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The Fire Code Academy now offers affordable Independent Study / Portfolio work for CEUs


Are you tired of sitting through boring lectures? Not always able to log in for online web based classes? We have the answer to your dilemma. We are the first to offer an Independent Study (Portfolio) type of project for CEUs.


This program emphasizes the creation of an independent body of work providing an opportunity for the student to pursue specific training for certain code enforcement and firefighting related topics.


A majority of the project is founded on the principle of scenario based problem solving and related research.


 Please e-mail us for more information on our portfolio projects.


"My experience with your course was awesome and impressive. The course made you work and think. It really pulled together the importance of how inspectors have the potential to save many lives. I enjoyed working on this course in this fashion" - Lieutenant/Paramedic (Ohio)




The Fire Code Academy's President & CEO contracted by the ICC as a technical expert on the Ohio Fire Code 

Founding President and CEO - Randy Hormann; has been recruited by and agreed to be a subject matter expert on the Ohio Fire Code and work with the International Code Council on training and education projects. 







Ohio Fire Chief's Association Annual Conference & Tradeshow

   Proud to be a member and Presidential Sponsor of the Conference

   Our Partners in Training and Education  







The nations only "Fire Code Academy" and we are proud to be an Ohio based company.


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